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...in which i pose some questions, and wait for the comments. how do you art, and why? what kind of reader-of-things-amanda are you? and do you remember that fateful sponge/vaginablog?

read it here on amandapalmer.net
or here on myspace

p.s. if you wanna share it on twitter or facebook or whatever else floats your boat, please do. sometimes some of the more interesting comments are left by people who get invited into this party and don't know much about it. either way, please use this link, should you feel so inclined: http://bit.ly/ARTbarrassment


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Oct. 18th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Thank-you!! After a lifetime of doing things by the book, I find myself a middle-aged, single mom, and laid off teacher. You can't imagine how refreshing it is to find someone like you, who is not afraid to be real and "in the moment". You have inspired me to speak my mind and my truth. By putting it out there, we find that we are able to connect to people in a more truthful, honest way. I am finding so much kinship and connection to people who share in similar struggles as mine, or just have their own struggles, but are so relieved to know that they are not alone. I hope you can make LA a stop on your tour. I'd love to see you perform!
Oct. 18th, 2010 08:22 pm (UTC)
I'm not quite sure if you'll read this comment, Amanda, I know you normally stick to your blog but hey, I wanted to try it at least.

From my own experience, I'm not much of a blogger. I don't update my LJ, sometimes I update my deviantart, but it's rare, and when I do a flood of truths come out, and I don't censor myself and afterwords I feel so much closer to the people who do read what I've written.

Hell, I feel closer to MYSELF.

This is thanks to you, and I love you infinitely for it. I think we're all a bit choked by the blogging sort of craze, we all sit at the screen and think about what we write without really just writing what we think. Since when are written words something we feel we need to censor to the world? Though you usually seem to just write and let it all out, and it's fantastic, and it's real and I love it.

I do wish, however, that you would instead of writing that lyric on twitter, would sit at your piano and turn it into the song you know is there. 140 characters are fantastically convenient for you, I can tell. However when do you judge what's crossing a line? I remember how back when you first started twitter, you expressed fears on your blog about squishing your life into 140 characters or less.

And, (I don't want to sound mean here, but hey, we're all being real and honest, right?) I feel like you are. Twitter is a wonderful tool of expressing yourself and letting the world know what you're doing, but you seem addicted to it, as though now you don't need anything but 140 characters to define yourself and your life.

Twitter is great for capturing moments, so why do I feel like it's capturing your entire life in little snippets? It's especially hard because it is someone like YOU, Amanda. Because when I think Amanda Palmer, I think beautiful powerful songs, deep revelations and words that have to be heard in their entirety to really love and understand.

When I think of Amanda Palmer, I don't think 140 characters or less, I think of something long and flowing, something real and passionate.

140 characters is not enough to define Amanda Palmer, not enough to express her emotions or anything but her actions.

But you tweet so much that I fear that 140 characters is what you'll become. That you'll favor the convince of expressing a simple action then truly going deeper into it.

I'm scared you'll not be able to really put your heart into a new song, I'm scared that you'll write that lyric on twitter and lose it under the next pile of 20 tweets.

Most of all I'm scared that you will dislike yourself for it, that you'll write these blogs and sit in a cafe and wonder if you yourself have locked yourself cage of 140 characters or less.

My suggestion is to limit your tweets. Right now you write about 20 or more a day. Try to cut the number down, if you have a limit for yourself then you wont just tweet mindlessly, you'll tweet what really matters to you, and when you come up to that song lyric that you know will move you, maybe you'll tell yourself "I have 2 tweets left today, should I use them on this? Or should I sit at my piano and write it out."

Quite frankly I'd rather be Amanda Palmer blog-less and tweet-less for a week or two if it meant I could experience a new song.

I can only hope you'll find your piano more appealing then the shiny cell phone in your hand. I miss your music, I want to hear what you're feeling now. Get back to the basics. Get back to Amanda Palmer.

Unplug, lock yourself away, sit at the piano, and feel yourself shine through.

I think you crave it more then we do.

I love you,
I'll be coming to the show in Dallas, I hope I get to meet you afterwords.

Oct. 18th, 2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
I found you on Jimmy Kimmel. It was one of those serendipitous moments where I was hopped up on too much college course work and wanting desperately to shirk academic responsibilities to chase after creative things. The Dresden Doll music that poured from the set gave me a much needed brain break and reason to smile, muse...and a verified reason to cease silly busy work to do a wbe search for all things Dresden Dolls.

It's been a love affair ever since...and more so once I began finding the blogs, photos and all things you. I have found many kindred spirits/inspirations online and you have been one of them. Sometimes, I find truths in passages on a screen or 140 characters that I know to be part of my own personal truths but have not yet discovered the strength/courage to speak them, write them, engrave them...but at least while I sit and ponder, stew...I know am not alone.

My transition from the real world to the online world never changed. Like you, my journals and pieces have always been aimed at an unseen audience...and I've always subscribed to sharing observations of the world - especially the not so common (embarrassing) chatter. I love discovering others who subscribe to the same...I enjoy toppling down social walls. The most interesting tales are the ones that people don't talk about, something deeper than formal surface chat. I like people to tell me something real...rather than something patented or safe.

I have cropped up in various places on the net. I write as I always have...but like the varied roles I play in my day-to-day I've done some separation of the content I jot. Dedicated journals to varied subjects, topics...I fought against it at first/resented it - hated that I felt compelled to filter parts of me so as not to offend the masses. But now...multiple blogs and social sharing sites have become more a creative playground of dress-up where I can let all my different sides and pieces come out to play.

Happiness in the online world comes when I find like-minded individuals who can inspire and push against my own creative boundaries, challenge my thoughts (even if it's just on an internal level) by their own creative hearts.

Thanks so much for the inspiration, the music, and blogs. The net has this neato knack for allowing chance meetings that may not have come to pass on crowded streets or other life venues. So happy you and Brian happened to be on Jimmy Kimmel that night.

Muse be with you!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 19th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
So much in one entry!
You definitely touched on a lot of subject and it's hard to give a short comment...
First, you might not have a point with this, but you've definitely hit a few spots with me. I am, both a an artist and as a blogger, one of those people who don't censor much. I might be giving people an over-dose of TMI, but you know what, as artists if we wanna create good stuff we have to be able to put real, raw emotions out there - with is already a bit too much for some people. It might be embarrassing to them, it might make them uncomfortable, it might make them think outside the box - and I believe that's every artist "debt" to the people who follow them. Writing, blogging included, is similar in that sense -good writing will be revealing and will touch those who read it in some way.
That being said, it's your blog, and you owe nothing to no one but yourself. you wanna publish tour dates, you wanna promote you music - heck, do it, why give a flying fuck if some people tune out? They might tune back in, and you'll always have others that won't tune out, and hell - I think the amazing thing about the music/art you create is that it draws the type of people who can truly take it all in - your music, your rambling, your TMI, your promotions, anything at all. They trust you that much, and will follow you anywhere you'd like to take them. Your kind of art is unique, and so are the people who love it.

Thank you for sharing you intimate thoughts. I very much enjoy them, and they make my grey cells work a little extra :)
Oct. 19th, 2010 08:41 am (UTC)
Loved your latest blog, I get it via e-mail. You are one of my most regular e-mails, I love it. I'm in Australia and you make me want to come visit places like USA that I wouldn't normally be interested in. I think it's all awesome and when it's about promo stuff I can't even get too I look at all the great art/pictures/photos that go along with it. KEEP IT UP! :)
Oct. 19th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
The blog comment didn't want to work for me, so:

Today I had my first dissertation meeting of the year. My supervisor inquired, "And how are you?" I responded, "Overwhelmed!" He looked at me strangely and I realised, oh right, Kiwi, remember the social constructs: he expected a game-face 'Fine, and you?'. But then, that has always been a secondary thought to me (after the fact of my speech) - and one that I disregard immediately. I'll leave social constructs to people more willing and capable of accommodating them; I'll never really be that person.

He told me that I need to trust myself. I asked him, "Do you ever feel like you're on stage prepared to juggle all these balls when you blink and suddenly it dawns on you that you've never learned to juggle?" He laughed and we connected; he told me that yes, he knows PRECISELY that feeling because it worsens. We lamented that the more we learn, the more we find there is to learn - and how little of it we have covered and will cover. I was petrified of the meeting. The fact that we connected, and I felt comforted, and trusted my 'inner voice' enough to realise I REALLY wanted a fucking frappe, it all reassured me.

Once upon a time, after my initial deep 'holy shit I got through that' breath, my mind would have formulated lyrics or story lines or images for art. Today, typical of my 'nowadays' experiences, my brain started formulating a Livejournal post.

I read your blog and felt it 'hit home'. My creative output via tangible pieces of definable 'art' (stories, novels, poems, songs, pictures, paintings) has decreased - in some ways, I think, due to my use of Twitter and Livejournal and the lot. Then I remembered how I work. When I have to do something written for any standardised education system, I start with an idea and it grows from there. Idea -> outline -> written piece. When I really care for the topic (regrettably few times within university), I go on to the 'editing' phase, which I enjoy; I 'fix' (enhance) it, craft it, mould it.

What I realised is that I'm doing the same with my online (non-private) mediums. I have my Twitter Idea, my Facebook outline, my Livejournal product (or whatever order). When something truly resonates with me and it has been rattling around my head through all of these and I still can't get enough of it, I know I really care about it, and it gets to that 'edited' product - a song, a story, a picture, a production, a whatever else. I used to create a lot of crap, just because I needed to get it out of my head and let me cope. Nowadays what I create tends to be more refined and closer to my heart. It's made it all the way through the process.

But, honestly, sometimes I miss all the crap I had to sort through to find the gems. It made me feel productive. I guess now I'm productive in a different way.

There's my long response to all this. On twitter it would probably be "@amandapalmer Online mediums are part of my refinement process. I create less, but love my creations more. I <3 TMI" That's the idea to this 'paper', then, I guess. I'll see if it keeps rattling around my head and makes it through the editing/enhancing part of the process. (:

This response is TMI. Eh. Tune out if you want. (;
Oct. 20th, 2010 09:39 am (UTC)
I have blogged for 7+years on Live Journal and because a daily activity is now down to monthly I have started to question its purpose. I use Facebook, which I loathe in various degrees. Mostly because it doesn't have the personality that blogging had, and also because I have allowed myself to be sucked into the cultural wasteland that the clickclickclick games have. I am trying Tumblr, but I am not sure. I love the idea of Twitter, but can't seem to connect with it.

I have given up the mood suppressant/anti depressants that have monitored my moods for, well, for a long, long time and now I see the need of keeping even a bare bones journal to track the ebbs and flows of my brain chemistry. But I am greedy and want more. I want to write, fuck it, and I want to engage and I seem to be stuck finding a way to just write, and for some reason I seem to be writing s response to you which says more about me, which I didn't want, and less about your blog, which I did want.

Today some of the students who are in my care, who were in their safe space trying to sneak a smoke, called me a freak. My challenging, alternative, freakish students called me a freak under their breath. And i was so fucking proud. They were building a little installation art out of old plastic forks and leaves they had found and were digging a shallow hole to build in. I returned with an interestingly gnarled twig and a discarded 20c coin I found in the dirt. I gave them my contribution as a "patron of the arts" hoping it would make them chuckle. And I felt good being a freak adult amongst the children that consider themselves outcasts.

And now I wonder where to blog this... Because you continue to remind me how good it is to do this, and I am tired of clickclickclick games and trying to find the perfect place to blog.

Thank you for the ongoing inspiration.

Edited at 2010-10-20 11:08 am (UTC)
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